Does Gorilla Glue Work on Shoes?

When you spot damage on your shoes, your first instinct is to fix it. And depending on the type of damage, you might often resort to readily available home materials. This can lead to several innovative means of repairing the damage, leading to the question; does gorilla glue work on shoes?

Yes, gorilla glue works on shoes. However, learning exactly how to use it and what not to do when gluing your shoes together is essential to the process. In this piece, I’ll share with you all you need to know to use gorilla glue on your shoes.

What type of Gorilla Glue is best for shoe repair?

The type of Gorilla Glue used depends on what needs to be fixed. The foaming polyurethane properties of certain Gorilla Glue make it a great solution to hole repair.

Still, this same foaming property is not the best match for repairing an entirely separated shoe sole. In the end, what works best for you will come down to the type of shoe, what it’s used for, and your budget. 

Reasons Gorilla Glue Is Great For Shoes

Gorilla Glue is a strong and flexible bond. It goes on clear, so you won’t have to worry about traces of Glue showing up later.

The Glue quickly holds your shoe parts together within 30 seconds, and it’s effortless to apply. You can use it for a temporary or permanent repair, depending on what type of shoes you’re repairing. It’s also highly durable for permanent repair.

Does Gorilla Glue Work on Shoes? How Effectively it works

Creates a Robust and Flexible Bond

Gorilla Glue is an excellent choice for repairing shoes because it creates a robust and flexible bond that can withstand the bending of your shoe.

This is necessary since your shoes bend every time you take a step. This constant bend will have most glue breaking. Gorilla Glue also uses a foaming agent to fill gaps on uneven surfaces, making an exceptionally durable bond.

It Goes on Clear and Won’t Leave Traces

Unlike many other types of glue, you can get a Gorilla Glue that provides a dry clean finish when used on your shoes. That said, some gorilla glue products have a yellow flaky finish, so care must be taken when making your purchase.

Quickly Hold Shoe Parts Together Within 30 Seconds

Before you glue your shoes, it’s essential to know how long it takes for Gorilla Glue to dry. According to the manufacturer, it only takes 30 seconds for Gorilla Glue to bond objects together. This makes repairing your shoes easy since you don’t have to wait long.

However, remember that gorilla glue often needs at least 24 hours after application to cure appropriately. So while you can wear your repaired shoe almost immediately, it’s always best to wait a day before trying them on again. 

Very Easy to Apply

A significant reason you should gorilla glue on your shoes is its ease of use. It’s straightforward to apply, and it’s firm without overdoing it.

There’s enough wiggle room to clean up any mistakes you make, unlike some professional shoe repair glues. However, a caveat with gorilla glue is that it can be a little expensive compared to other shoe repair glues.

Highly Durable for A Permanent Repair

Gorilla Glue is a strong and durable glue. Because Gorilla Glue creates such strong bonds between two surfaces, it can be used effectively to repair shoes that are falling apart.

If you need repairs for your boots, gorilla glue can help get them back into shape without having to spend money on new ones.

Waterproof and Temperature-Resistant Glue

Waterproof glues resist the penetration of water molecules into the spaces between surfaces. And gorilla glue does this perfectly.

When used on shoes, any moisture in the environment will not affect them or erode them over time.

Again, Gorilla Glue is also temperature resistant, which means it can be used at high temperatures without losing its strength or flexibility.

So if your shoes are for hiking, high-intensity events, or even under extreme temperature conditions, you can be sure of your Glue holding up.

How does Gorilla Glue Work?

Gorilla Glue is a brand of polyurethane adhesive. Polyurethanes are made up of long chains of molecules that are very strong and versatile. The Glue can bond many materials together.

However, Gorilla Glue is best used to bond leather and rubber shoes when it comes to shoes. The Glue will not work on vinyl, foam, or plastic surfaces.

Will Gorilla Glue Work On Vinyl Shoes?

While Gorilla Glue works well on leather and rubber, it isn’t always the best option if your shoes are made of vinyl or foam.

If your shoes are vinyl, Gorilla Glue will not hold the shoe together correctly. Vinyl is too porous for the extra adhesive and will probably leave a residue.

The same goes for foam as it does for vinyl. If your shoes are made of foam, it’s best to steer clear of using gorilla glue to bond them back together.

How to Fill a Hole in Your Shoe Using Gorilla Glue

To fill a hole with Gorilla Glue, apply a small amount of Glue, preferably with a toothpick or cotton swab, to the spot. Use light pressure as you move the swab around to ensure that every part of the adhesive contacts all the sides of the hole.

Once satisfied, leave to dry and cure before wearing the shoe again. However, take care not to overfill gaps; this can cause excess product spillage outside your repair area.

How to Fix Shoe Sole Separation Using Gorilla Glue

To fix an entire sole separation or breakage sole, follow these steps: 

  • Clean the surface of the sole with alcohol;
  • Apply the Glue to the edges of the sole, making sure that there is a good amount of overlap between both pieces;
  • Press the sole back together and let it dry for 24 hours or until completely hardened and solidified, depending on your preference;

In general, the thin application of Glue is less practical when compared to the thick application. However, most gorilla glue products expand, leading to a messy finish. To avoid this, start with a thinner layer and work up if necessary.

Which Glue Is Better for Repairing Shoes: Gorilla Glue or Shoe Goo?

Both glue types are great at fixing your shoes; however, Shoe Goo is more effective than gorilla glue when repairing shoes.

Shoe Goo is waterproof and can be used on a broader range of materials, including leather, rubber, vinyl, plastic, and more. Plus, it’s stronger than Gorilla Glue.

It’s all about the chemistry; Shoe Goo uses a proprietary formula that includes natural ingredients like beeswax and pine pitch.

This makes Shoe Goo stronger than other glues because of its ability to bond with different materials.


Make no mistake; gorilla glue will work on shoes. It’s an effective way to keep your shoes functioning and get more value for your money. That said, it’s essential not to use too much gorilla glue, though, as this could cause damage to your shoe.

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