How Long Does Gorilla Epoxy Takes to Dry?

The choice of adhesives among consumers varies for one reason or the other, for some people, it is just the economic factor while for many others it may combine a plethora of other important factors such as viscosity of the adhesive to be used, thermal sensitivity, dimension of parts to be bonded amongst others. So, How Long Does Gorilla Epoxy Takes to Dry?

But what seems very important to most people ordering any form of adhesive or the other is its tendency to effectively serve the purpose for which it is being ordered.

However, in this context, I will share with you everything you’ve been longing to know about how long it takes a gorilla epoxy to effectively get dried after use.

But before I dig deep into what this amazing product is all about? Let me quickly take a brief digression to educate you guys about everything you need to know before choosing any adhesive for your materials.

What Is an Adhesive?

In layman’s language, any substance capable of bringing two surfaces or objects together and making them function effectively as a unit is known as adhesive.

How Long Does Gorilla Epoxy Takes to Dry?

Basically, we can have this in two different forms; it is either it is in form of polymers dissolved in a solvent (solvent-based adhesives) or a mixture of two immiscible solvents (emulsions adhesives).

So, since gorilla epoxy is made of two liquid components, a resin, and a hardener, it will be safer for us to describe it as an emulsion-based adhesive.

That said since we set to focus on how long gorilla epoxy takes to dry, explained below are some of the basic things you need to know about this amazing product.

How Does Gorilla Epoxy Work?

Gorilla epoxy is a water-resistant adhesive with an exciting tensile strength. One of the secrets behind its exceptionally high strength has been traced to the adhesion nature of one of its components- Resins, a compound that can serve as an anaerobic adhesive on its own.

We have extensively tested resins to have a very high binding ability. Once applied to a surface, it becomes extremely difficult to weaken the glued structure it has formed.

And for this reason, resins have a lot of technical industrial applications. Also, that hardener is the other major component of this product (Gorilla epoxy) makes it an interesting combination.

And that’s why the product works effectively on glasses, stones, plastics, bricks, concrete, and so forth. Gorilla epoxy can join surfaces of materials ranging from a few millimeters in thickness up to a few meters.

Also, owing to its high resistance to water, gorilla epoxy is an effective adhesive for materials that get constantly exposed to water.

Interestingly, the coating does not affect the durability of this adhesive, although full curing is needed before coating should be done just to ensure that the material to be coated has been fully glued.

How Long Does Gorilla Epoxy Takes to Dry?

The time gorilla epoxy takes to completely cure varies across materials, the magnitude of the surface area, and the volume of the epoxy glue that is to be applied.

Nevertheless, from a general point of view, it can take between 10 to 30 minutes for partial curing (i.e. for the materials to get clutched together) while full curing will take as long as 24 hours regardless of the material the glue is applied to bind.

Moreover, the average report from the survey has it that metals, glasses, plastics, or a combination of these take an average of 10 minutes to get partially bound while woods and other materials take as long as 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, it must be noted that a minimum of 24 hours should be afforded on the bonded material before further activities can be carried out on it, as this will allow proper curing and durability of the applied glue.

Thereafter, coating or any desired external design can now be carried out on the glued part.

How Long Does Gorilla Epoxy Last After Fully Dried?

Once effectively applied and allow the time needed for proper curing, gorilla epoxy is an adhesive that can stay permanently for years on materials without needing to be replaced.

Meanwhile, despite being highly impermeable to water penetration and other similar inorganic solvents, constant exposure to sensitive chemicals might affect its longevity.

Over time, exposure of gorilla epoxy to chemicals like Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and dimethyl adipate (which tends to dissolve the resins in gorilla epoxy) has been found to serve as a major threat to its durability.

Also, mechanical stress, high temperature, foreign contamination, and some notable environmental factors are among other factors that can affect the durability of gorilla epoxy.

For instance, a glued surface that is constantly being exposed to a series of mechanical stress is more likely to be less durable than one under much-reduced stress for a specified period, so, the question of how long a gorilla epoxy bond can stay after fully dried will depend strictly on any or the combination of aforementioned factors.

How Economical Is Gorilla Epoxy?

Like I said earlier at the beginning of this content, people make a buying decision based on several reasons, for some, price is the only thing they prioritize, while for thousands of others, it may include a lot of other factors such as the brand, the review of the product, the durability amongst others.

However, one important question every rational consumer should ask himself before opting for any product is how economical could the product be.

For instance, if I have to get a product that can serve me for years at a thousand dollars, isn’t that better than getting another one I would have to replace in less than three months at just 500 dollars?

If this is the way you approach your stuff too, then you might definitely want to consider getting a gorilla epoxy next time you need an adhesive.

This is because, apart from the fact that it takes lesser time (between 5-30 minutes) to bind any material, its durability and cost are just one of the best you can find out there.

As a matter of fact, with just seven dollars, you can get one for your personal use. And it can always be delivered to you anywhere across the globe with no worry about outrageous shipping costs.

In addition, contrary to people’s reviews about how much they have wasted on other mushroom adhesives out there, without still getting the desired results they wanted from the product, gorilla epoxy has proven to be top-notch over time.

It is a super effective bond that can last years on any materials it is used on. Besides, unlike other bonds, its binding power remains unscathed regardless of the material bonded.

That is, the same way it is going to hold pieces of wood won’t be any different from how it is going to bind a piece of glass.


In conclusion, gorilla epoxy is a user-friendly bond that doesn’t put the user under unnecessary threat from hazardous content, which may either be injurious to the user or his environment.

Hope you find this content helpful.

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