How To Get Rid Of Gorilla Glue From Skin

While working with gorilla glue, it is common for people to get the glue on their skin. But, “How To Get Rid Of Gorilla Glue From Skin?” Gorilla glue is an adhesive that many use at home without taking precautions, like wearing a glove. Have you wondered if you can get gorilla glue off your skin? Does it cause any side effects? Learn the answer to these questions in this article. 

How To Get Rid Of Gorilla Glue From Skin

Note that the proper way to use gorilla glue involves wearing a glove to protect your hand. If not, and you will get the glue on your fingers and hands, follow these suggestions to get the glue off your skin: 

For Wet Gorilla Glue

  • Use a dry cloth to clean it off your skin immediately
  • If this doesn’t work, use a bar soap that has a gritty surface to wash your hand under running warm water
  • Soap dries the skin. To avoid irritation as a result of the glue and the soap, wipe your skin dry and apply some mild lotion on your skin.

Following these tips should get gorilla glue that’s still tacky off your skin. It is a different process for when the glue is cured on your skin.

How To Get Rid Of Gorilla Glue From Skin

For Cured Gorilla Glue

If you get gorilla glue on your skin while working and it cures on your body before you get the chance to remove it, gorilla glue makers suggest you let it be and moisturize the spot on your skin until the glue is removed. 

They don’t recommend using solvents like alcohol or acetone to remove the cured glue on your skin. 

Gorilla glue comes in different types and they all cure differently. 

Gorilla Super Glue Micro Precise Gel: 

is removed by soaking the part with the cured glue in warm soapy water. Allow the soapy water to penetrate the cured area by wiggling your hand in it. Do not try to pull the cured glue off your skin. The cured glue should come off after a while. And if you got this glue on your nails you can use nail polish remover to get it off. 

Gorilla Epoxies

If you get gorilla epoxy on your hands and you missed removing it before it cures, you should leave it on as it would wear off after some days. 

Gorilla Weld 

The gorilla Weld can be rolled off the skin easily. After doing this wash the skin with soap and warm water.

Gorilla Construction Adhesives

This can be easily removed by wiping it off with a dry cloth. Then wash with warm water and soap. 

Does Gorilla Glue Have Side Effects?

Gorilla glue is an invaluable DIY product that every home should have. They can be used to repair random things in the home but they can also be dangerous if not properly stored. 

The Hazards

Gorilla glue contains diphenyl methane di-isocyanate, which makes adhesives expand when they come in contact with water. 

When ingested, gorilla glue would expand in the environment of the gastrointestinal tract, where it is wet and warm. 

Furthermore, the reaction between the chemical in gorilla glue produces heat, which may cause injuries to the throat and the stomach lining. This is a life-threatening hazard. 

It is important that you keep all adhesives away from children and pets. They should be kept out of their reach at all times. 

How To Know Gorilla Glue Has Been Ingested

It is also important to know the signs that a person or pet has swallowed gorilla glue adhesive. This way you can quickly provide treatment or see a doctor. Symptoms include the following:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Restlessness
  • Pain or behavior that indicates this in a pet

How To Remove Gorilla Glue From Hair

What should you do if, by mistake, gorilla glue gets in your hair? Likely you are reminded of the situation with the gorilla glue girl who went viral on social media, Tessica Brown. Her situation with gorilla glue provides a glimpse into what it looks like to have glue in your hair. It would cost you pain and money. If you get gorilla glue in your hair by mistake, quickly wash it off with soap and warm water before it hardens. 

If it hardens while in your hair, try GooGone. GooGone is an adhesive and gum remover and can be used to remove gorilla glue that has been cured in hair. 

How to use:

  • Spray the spot alone with GooGone 
  • Wait for ten minutes
  • Wash with warm soapy water


When spraying GooGone on hair, use protective goggles to prevent the spray from getting into your eyes. 

Have someone else spray the spot with the gorilla glue while you protect yourself from inhaling the spray. 

How Long Can Gorilla Glue Stay On Skin?

If for some reason, you have tried all the tips and suggestions here and gorilla glue still won’t get off your skin, you would wonder how long you need to wait. 

Do not fret. 

The human skin is capable of rejecting foreign matter. The skin would soon begin to repair itself in about a week and then the glue would fall off your skin by itself. In the meantime, do this:

  • Always wash the area of the glue with warm water and soap
  • Use a moisturizer on the skin to keep it healthy

Can Gorilla Glue Harm The Skin?

Yes, it can cause irritation. The degree of harm though depends on how you handle the situation. 


  • Do not try to force the glue off your skin by pulling it
  • Do not use strong astringent gorilla glue on your skin. Do not use chemicals like acetone which will burn your skin.
  • Do not apply direct heat as this can burn your skin

The irritation you feel is because of the glue hardening, pulling at the tissues of your skin as the glue expands. When the glue is hardened, the irritation may stop. If the irritation continues it may be your skin adjusting to the presence of the foreign matter or trying to reject it. 

Always use protective gloves when working with gorilla glue. If the site of the project is above your head, always wear a protective covering on your head and goggles for your eyes. And if it happens that some glue gets in the hair, quickly wash it off with warm soapy water before the glue hardens. 

Final Thoughts

Gorilla Glue is one of the strongest glues on earth. In this article, you have learned how to prevent it from getting on your skin and what to do if it happens. 

Always read the directions on the bottle of glue before using them. Also, keep gorilla glue away from children. It is best to keep it on high shelves where children and pets can get to it. 

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